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Stranger Things
When a young kid, Will Byers, goes missing, his tight-knit pals — Mike, Dustin, and Lucas — mourn his absence. Then Eleven comes into the picture, an Eggo-loving girl with psychokinetic powers that escaped from a nearby laboratory with very unethical practices. Underneath the town looms what they call the “Upside Down, ” aka a parallel universe. RELATED: 20 Things About Stranger Things That Make No Sense With two seasons under its belt, which racked up a handful of Emmy nominees,  and a third expected in July, the sci-fi series has proved to be a mega-hit for Netflix. The sci-fi series more than anything, is a homage to films and popular culture of the era. If you want a dose of paranoia-inducing alien flicks, government conspiracies or childhood nostalgia, then you should check these out. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 9 Super 8 Set four years behind the first season of Stranger Things in 1979, J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 rode the found footage trend of its time (it was released in 2011). .

There’s a lot of similarities to mine here: Both play out in the Midwest, surround a group of ragtag pals and both grapple with disappearing people, anxious parents and, well, government conspiracies and weird alien stuff. Here’s the lowdown: While filming a zombie movie, a group of kids (Elle Fanning plays the token girl, Joel Courtney and Gabriel Basso round out the team) witness a train derail and barely escape with their lives intact. But it wasn’t an accident. Deputy Jackson Lamb, the father of the kids, helms the chase for the truth. Sheriff Jim Hopper, anyone? 8 E.T. E.T. is the defining alien-next-door of the ‘80s and perhaps of a whole generation. .

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