The Walking Dead Still Can’t Save Itself from Its Own Worst Impulses – Vanity Fair

The Walking Dead Still Can’t Save Itself from Its Own Worst Impulses – Vanity Fair

The Walking Dead
Courtesy of AMC.This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9 midseason premiere.I was willing to give The Walking Dead a pass when it skipped forward in time, gliding over the developments that took Carol and King Ezekiel’s relationship from mere flirtation to marriage. I was still willing to look the other way when that same time jump paired off Rosita and Gabriel—who had expressed not even a whisper of interest in each other previously. But as of Sunday night, things have officially gone way too far.This weekend, The Walking Dead returned for the back half of Season 9 in an installment that revealed not only yet another completely unearned relationship between Enid (Katelyn Nacon) and Alden (Callan McAuliffe), but also that—surprise!—Rosita is pregnant with Siddiq’s baby, even though her heart now belongs to Gabriel. Whoops. Did I mention that she told Siddiq this just outside of Eugene’s hospital window—after Eugene once again tried to tell Rosita he’s still creepily in love with her? And that Eugene heard the whole thing?In the midst of all these soap operatics, Sunday’s midseason premiere also hit the notes most fans likely expected: a search party returned Jesus’s body to Hilltop for burial, ....

The Grimes child let Negan go, but with a warning: if she saw him again, she’d shoot. And in a surprising twist, the show did not drag out this twist; by the end of the episode, a worn-down Negan did, indeed cross Judith’s path, and she did shoot the motorcycle he was riding. After some forced banter, they returned to Alexandria, since Negan had already decided there was nothing left outside its walls for him anymore. Meanwhile, the Whisperers led both Alden and Luke (new cast member Dan Fogler, doing his best to add charm to a charmless world) into a trap.
In the end, they found themselves looking right into the eyes of Whisperer leader Alpha, who growled, “The trail ends here. .

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