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Grey's Anatomy
Of all the unique environments hidden away in Grey Sloan Memorial, I think Maggie’s decision to introduce a Jungle Room and a Blue Room was desperately needed. Based on all the medical jargon and statistics she recited to the eager interns, I can report that a roomful of plants and a roomful of blue light produce higher levels of something positive and lower levels of anxiety. It’s a good thing all the doctors are hot messes and have multiple reasons to visit the rooms so Maggie can take their blood pressure and prove her theory. For example, Teddy is stressed because Tom and Owen are both accompanying her to a birthing class. But before things even have a chance to get awkward, Teddy looks alarmingly concerned when she feels a sharp pain. TO THE BLUE ROOM! Parker finds her breathing heavily, irritated that the azure habitat is not doing its job. He calls Carina, and we quickly learn that Teddy has an insufficient cervix. Well, that’s not good. .

Carina maneuvers the hospital bed so Teddy’s feet incline in the air while her head is down below. Hey, gravity. Do your job. Over in the Jungle Room, Karev and Meredith brood about their significant others. I expected their moods to drastically change surrounded by all that foliage, but I didn’t notice a difference. Karev is mad that Jo won’t answer his phone calls. .

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