‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Episode 17 Recap: Did Carina/Link Hook Up? – TVLine

Grey's Anatomy
Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. If you’d rather watch first, read later, back away, stat. Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy was so action-packed and eventful, I had to check a calendar to make sure we weren’t in sweeps again! Not only did the sheep hit the fan where Vincenzo’s baby-in-a-bag project was concerned, but a new couple started playing doctor, and we got our first peek at Jo’s mom. Oh, and Jackson made a merman. Say what? Read on, and all will become clear. ‘WE’RE MAKING FISH PEOPLE!’ | As “And Dream of Sheep” began, Mer delivered coffee as a peace offering to DeLuca, who’d spent yet another night at the hospital working on Vincenzo’s project. “I guess I was wrong about your dad, ” she admitted (unwittingly about a day too soon). As tired and tied up as DeLuca was, he still made time for a tender make-out session with Mer. .

And, were he to get home to his place one night that week, would she stay? Oh yes. In fact, she called that “the best idea I’ve ever heard.” Elsewhere at Grey Sloan, Jackson was observing Dahlia, Casey and Levi honing their scalpel skills on fish when Maggie stopped in to announce that she wanted to cancel her appearance the following day on Good Morning Seattle. “It’s not even about medicine anymore, ” she told her beau. She and her surprise parentage had become “morning-show fodder.” Jackson reassured her that the interview had been inspired in the first place by her brilliance. And besides, “it’s not like you’re going in there to make French toast.” After she left, Jackson revealed to the interns why they were working on fish rather than cadavers. .

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