‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Episode 18 Recap: Koracick Fights for Teddy – TVLine

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy’s Teddy thought that she wouldn’t be experiencing firsts with her and Owen’s daughter until after she was born. But in Thursday’s “Add It Up, ” the peanut scared her mom half out of her mind for the first time — by making it appear that she might arrive prematurely. And while that tense situation brought to a head the simmering tension between the men in the mom-to-be’s life — and revealed how awful at baby talk Owen is — Amelia futilely tried to keep her distance from Link, and DeLuca so successfully kept his distance from Meredith that he made her wonder what she was doing with him. How’d the myriad dramas shake out? Read on… RELATEDAbigail Spencer Returning to Grey’s as Megan — Will Nathan Be Joining Her?‘PHEROMONES… I REALLY LIKE YOURS’ | As the episode began, Maggie showed the interns around the Grey Sloan rooms in which she hoped to use environment to improve patient health pre- and post-op. One was a virtual Garden of Eden; another, a blue-light special. But the most popular seemed to be the game room, where the tour found Bailey engrossed in a round of Tetris. .

Nearby, Meredith tried to ask DeLuca if he’d heard from his father, and her beau vanished so fast, his exit could’ve been accompanied by the sound effect that always underscored the Road Runner’s takeoffs. Speaking of speedy, Owen so briefly informed Teddy that he’d be able to attend her birthing class that neither she nor Koracick had a chance to tell him that her boyfriend was going with her. “I think he and I are thisclose to becoming besties, ” Tom cracked. No sooner was he out of the room than the mom-to-be began experiencing pain. “I’m hoping that it’s just stress, ” she told Casey when he subsequently found her in the blue room. .

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