The Walking Dead: 10 Things Wrong With Carol And Ezekiel’s Relationship – Screen Rant

The Walking Dead
Relationships are certainly not one of The Walking Dead’s strengths. Although there was a time when the bonds between characters were one of the main reasons fans tuned in every Sunday night,  the writers have since lost their touch.RELATED: THE WALKING DEAD: 10 DEAD CHARACTERS WE MISS On TWD, most relationships are established offscreen and later revealed to the audience in a way that is presumably meant to create shock value. A relationship like Carol and Ezekiel's, that has garnered very few supporters, seems destined to fail. It also didn't help that most of the fanbase's affection had long since belonged to the ubiquitous will-they-won't-they bond that already existed between Carol and Daryl. Carol and Ezekiel, the now (sort of) married couple,  are not a hit with the audience. Let's explore some of the reasons why this might be. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 10 CAROL SHOWED NO INTEREST IN EZEKIEL UNTIL HE STALKED HER When Carol and Morgan arrived at the Kingdom early in season 7, they met King Ezekiel for the first time. Carol was incredulous, calling the Kingdom a circus. .

Later, Ezekiel opened up to her,  conveying that his "King" persona is not necessarily who he really is.  However, Carol was not won over. RELATED: WALKING DEAD RENEWED FOR SEASON 10 AT AMC There is a difference between pursuing someone and stalking someone. Quickly, Ezekiel crossed that line. Carol left the Kingdom to live in a nearby house, where she was visited by the King constantly. Despite the fact that she stated her annoyance multiple times, he ignored her, continuing to show up at her door. 9 EZEKIEL CALLED CAROL A COWARD When Carol was first introduced back in the first season of TWD, she was a quiet housewife living under the shadow of her abusive husband. .

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