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Stranger Things
Stranger Things has been a smash success for Netflix, with the horror/sci-fi/coming-of-age series becoming one of the premiere series for the streaming service. Despite its success, the show apparently already has a definitive ending point, and at least one member of the cast knows what it is. RELATED: Stranger Things 3 Trailer Promises a Much Larger Role for One Character During a recent interview, David Harbour (who plays Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper on the show) said that while he doesn't know for sure how many seasons the show will ultimately run for, he does know the eventual endgame for the series. "I know the end of the series, and it's beautiful, " Harbour told Digital Spy. He also came out in support of the show running for five seasons. "I don't think four is enough, " he said. "I think five is maybe enough. If you want my opinion, I would like five." RELATED: Stranger Things Trailer Breakdown: Old Friends, New Foes & Raging Hormones As Digital Spy notes,  Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy has hinted that the series will at least run for four seasons, with the possibility of a fifth season still very much in consideration. ....

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