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The Walking Dead
There’s a running joke in The Walking Dead fan base that the characters just move from one survivor community to another. But that’s symbolically important for the plot. It feeds into the show’s overall theme (which it sometimes conveys in a ham-fisted way) that we are the biggest threat to ourselves. Even when faced with incredible circumstances like a zombie apocalypse, humankind is still divided and at war with each other. If all those communities pooled their resources together and worked towards ridding the world of walkers, they’d make some decent headway with it. But that’s not the way they the human race operates, so they need to save all their bullets to use on each other. .

Here is Every Walking Dead Survivor Community, Ranked.RELATED: The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale: 3 Things That Gave Us Closure (& 7 Things They Still Haven’t Addressed) Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 10 The Scavengers It’s not a good sign when your survivor community is better known as “the Garbage People” than its real name. The Scavengers have always been spineless back-stabbers who will turn their backs on a previous agreement and betray all their allies at the drop of a dime. Every time they’ve had the chance to do the right thing, they’ve done the opposite of it at the very last second and let everybody down, particularly when they teamed up with the Saviors and double-crossed the Alexandrians. Plus, it didn’t take much to wipe them all out – Simon had a hissy fit and lashed out and that’s what eliminated the entire Scavenger group. 9 Terminus There are few things lamer than putting up posters around a post-apocalyptic wasteland that advertise your “safe haven” when you actually just intend to eat ....

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