‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8: Will Daenerys Turn? Will Dragons Fight? Is the Iron Throne Even the Point? – The New York Times

Game of Thrones
After weeks of obsessive coverage — we’ve done our fair share — “Game of Thrones” begins its final season Sunday on HBO. Earlier this week, Jeremy Egner, The Times’s TV editor and “Thrones” recapper; Jennifer Vineyard, who writes The Times’s “Thrones” newsletter; and Sopan Deb, a sports reporter (and former culture reporter) for The Times, talked about the show and its final season in a conference call with Times subscribers. [Read our complete guide to “Game of Thrones” and sign up for our newsletter.] This discussion has been adapted and edited from that conversation. (Subscriber questions are in italics.) Audio of the entire discussion is available here. [embedded content] A trailer for Season 8.CreditCreditHBO SOPAN DEB Based on the trailers, a lot of action in Season 8 seems to take place at Winterfell. What do you make of that? JEREMY EGNER Well if you remember, the show itself starts at Winterfell — it started with King Robert’s arrival to come take Ned to King’s Landing. So there’s a certain symmetry to Daenerys’s and Jon Snow’s arrival that you see in the trailer. JENNIFER VINEYARD It sets up a little bit of ....

We’re coming full circle in some ways. Image Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.CreditHBO EGNER One of the pleasures of the show over the past couple seasons has been seeing all these really far-flung people come together, and either meet one another for the first time, or be reunited for the first time in years. At Winterfell, reunions are going to be happening all over the place. Arya is there, and Gendry and the Hound could be there. Jaime seems to be on his way, and Bran, who he once shoved out of a window, is already there. Dany’s also going to be there — and by the way, Jaime killed Dany’s dad. Jon Snow is presumably going to learn from Bran and Sam about how he’s the rightful heir. .

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