Krista Vernoff and Elisabeth R. Finch (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) on making TV history and powerful consent episode [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW] – Gold Derby

Grey's Anatomy
[embedded content] “It’s kind of bigger than we can wrap our heads around, ” admits “Grey’s Anatomy” showrunner and executive producer Krista Vernoff about making TV history earlier this season by surpassing “ER’s” record as the longest-running medical drama ever. Gold Derby recently sat down with Vernoff and co-executive producer/writer Elisabeth R. Finch to discuss this milestone accomplishment as well as the show’s powerful consent episode, titled “Silent All These Years, ” that some fans are calling one of the best in 15 seasons. Watch our exclusive video interview with Vernoff and Finch above. SEEWatch dozens of our fun video interviews with 2019 Emmy contendersVernoff continues, “We all watched ‘ER’ growing up and I think ‘ER’ is one of the big influencers of all of us as writers and of this show. We’re really blown away. We’re proud. .

We’re grateful. The idea of making history is insane.” When we ask if “Grey’s” may one day surpass “Law & Order, ” which aired for 20 seasons, Vernoff laughs, “In any good 12-step program you go one day at a time. We’re going one episode at a time and we’re grateful and we’re gonna do the best work we can.” As for the creative process behind Finch’s episode that dealt with the aftermath of a woman (Khalilah Joi) being sexual assaulted, she reveals that the idea came to her three years ago when the writers guild sent a group to tour the rape treatment center at UCLA. “I went thinking at some point I might come up with an idea for it, ” Finch details. “There were a couple moments that stuck in my brain that I couldn’t shake and let go, ” and then the Brett Kavanaugh hearings reinforced the idea of “wanting to talk about consent and have those conversations. .

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