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Game of Thrones
Which of these characters will walk out of episode three alive? Photo: HBO If you’ve ever complained that Game of Thrones has too many characters, next Sunday’s episode should do you right. With the army of the dead reaching the Northern capital, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” spent 58 minutes erecting a gigantic neon sign over the Winterfell castle that shouted, “MANY OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE GOING TO DIE.” The show has spent eight seasons amassing every sort of supporting character you can think of, and now it’s going to use them as meatshields for the leads, sending them out in a blaze of glory so all our main characters can enjoy the dream of spring. Or, that’s what seems likely to happen in “The Battle of Winterfell.” But who knows? Even at this late date, Thrones has proven that it can still surprise us. Ahead of the upcoming battle, reportedly the largest the show has ever filmed, we’ve taken the liberty of ranking the 28 named characters in and around Winterfell, in order of least to most likely to bite it this Sunday. Tier III: The Main Characters (Probably) Won’t Die 28. Samwell Tarly An ....

Though he may lack the traps and delts necessary to wield his family’s ancestral sword, as Sam reminded Dolorous Edd, no matter what happens in the battle he will always be the first Thrones character to kill a White Walker. 27. Sansa Stark Another way of looking at the question of who’s gonna die is to look at who’s important for endgame. Sansa, the only character on the show who cares about grain supplies, seems ideally suited to picking up the pieces after the titular contest of dominions is over, which means she and her domme harness are probably safe. 26. Jon Snow He has a track record for useless, suicidal charges in the height of battle, it’s true. But the show seems to be bending over backwards to make the point that he’s the one claimant to the Iron Throne with the real mettle of a leader. .

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