Game of Thrones series finale: Daenerys’s death looms –

Game of Thrones
It’s finally here: We’ve reached the end of Game of Thrones. And after Daenerys Targaryen’s fiery siege on King’s Landing in “The Bells, ” not much is left standing. Dany obliterated the Iron Fleet and the Golden Company. Euron Greyjoy was killed. Cersei and Jaime Lannister were squashed like panini beneath the rubble of the Red Keep (presumably, Ellaria Sand — who was being held captive in the dungeon bowels when we last saw her — is dead too). The Hound and the Mountain are goners. So is Varys, the Master of Whispers, torched by Drogon after he betrayed his queen. Thus, Game of Thrones’ series finale will inevitably focus on the ashy aftermath of Daenerys’s terror. .

She finally has the Iron Throne, in theory. But she still has to deal with the unresolved matter of another Targaryen with a rightful claim to the throne, a treasonous adviser in her midst, and likely at least one assassination attempt coming her way. By Sunday night, we’ll know how this story ends, So here’s our best guess on which Game of Thrones characters are safe and which ones should be careful as the show wraps things up for good. Safe: anyone in the North Brienne, Sansa Stark, Tormund, and Ghost dodged a stream of dragon fire. They were not part of Daenerys’s siege on King’s Landing. While Dany turned thousands of innocent people into barbecue, those four were probably sipping mulled cider in front of a roaring fire at Winterfell. .

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