Grey’s Anatomy and spin-off Station 19 will cross over “every week” next season –

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy is getting more ambitious next season, with plans to have a fully 'shared universe' with spin-off Station 19. The past two seasons have seen Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 hold special crossover events, but ABC shared that the two shows will go further with parts of the shows crossing over "every week".
"People can expect crossover events between these series every week, " ABC entertainment president Karey Burke said at an upfront presentation. DisneyABC Deadline adds that the idea will be to have characters "seamlessly going back and forth in what would feel like two-hour episodes", with "fluid" storylines. One slight complication is the fact that Station 19 will return midseason.
The most recent crossover between Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 – which has already aired in the US and will be broadcast in the UK tonight (May 15) – saw a shock twist for one major character (spoilers in the link). Eric McCandlessABC Elsewhere, Grey's Anatomy is promoting Jake Borelli (Dr Levi Schmitt), Chris Carmack (Dr Atticus Lincoln), and Greg Germann (Dr Thomas Koracick) to series regulars, starting from season 16. ABC recently confirmed that Grey's Anatomy ....

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