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Grey's Anatomy
There are many reasons to love Grey’s Anatomy. The compulsively watchable show features impossibly quotable dialogue, epic romances and insane medical cases set to an awesome soundtrack. Currently wrapping up its 15th season, the series was recently renewed for two more, so fans won’t have to say goodbye any time soon. One of the defining characteristics of Grey’s Anatomy has become its revolving cast of characters. The doctors that populated Seattle Grace in the pilot are now almost completely different, with very few mainstays. Even the name of the hospital has changed. Anyone who’s stuck with the series will tell you that it has viewers regularly reaching for their hankies. .

Over the years, fans have said goodbye to plenty of beloved characters. Here are the 10 that hurt the most. Side note: how does Grey Sloan Memorial continue to keep hiring doctors when the hospital has such a high mortality rate for employees? Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 10 Samuel Norbert Avery Viewers rejoiced when April Kepner and Jackson Avery finally got together - sorry Matthew. When the fan favorite couple realized that they were going to have a baby, both were overjoyed. However, that excitement was soon decimated by the reality that their child’s poor health wouldn’t see him survive outside the womb. Due to April’s religious beliefs, she refused to terminate the pregnancy, a decision that she and Jackson clashed over. .

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