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Stranger Things
The third season of Netflix' sci-fi horror sensation Stranger Things is creeping toward a July 4 premiere with its nostalgic '80s delights. To fill in gaps between last year's unsettling crisis, Del Rey Books is publishing three official tie-ins that expand the universe and provide motivations behind some of its most indelible characters. It all began with last fall's Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down companion book, then followed up with February's Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, which dealt with Eleven's true birth mother, Terry Ives. This third canonical offering, titled Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, concerns vital backstory details of Chief Jim Hopper's life as a New York City homicide detective in the strange summer of 1977 — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive excerpt, as well as insights from author Adam Christopher, to welcome the weirdness. This illuminating origin story from the New York Times bestselling author of Empire State finds Hopper resurrecting buried secrets. It's framed around a heartwarming holiday in Hawkins circa 1984, and all the gruff Chief Jim Hopper wants from Santa is a quiet first Christmas with Eleven. However, his precocious adopted daughter pulls out a cardboard box marked “New York.” Hopper can’t hide the truth and recounts life-changing events ....

But after agents appear and seize files about a string of brutal murders, Hopper takes matters into his own hands to discover the truth as he goes undercover among New York’s street gangs and a historic blackout rolls across the boroughs. Christopher, whose favorite character on the show is Hopper, has been a Stranger Things fan right from the start.  "New York was in a bad place in the 1970s, " he tells SYFY WIRE. "The city was nearly bankrupt, the infrastructure was crumbling, it was in the middle of a crime wave as well as a heat wave, the Son of Sam was on the loose. In the middle of this I decided to drop Jim Hopper, who had moved to the city with his wife and daughter to start a new life." He adds, "The book is also the first time we see Hopper and Eleven interacting post-Season 2, after their father-daughter relationship has been formalized. Writing their scenes together in the cabin at Christmas, 1984, was a real joy." Check out this exclusive excerpt from Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town by Adam Christopher, out May 28 from Del Rey Books. CHAPTER NINETEEN COFFEE AND CONTEMPLATION JULY 8, 1977 BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Tom’s ....

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