Robin Wright on Her Feature-Directing Debut and ‘Flying the Nest’ After ‘House of Cards’ (EXCLUSIVE) – Variety

House of Cards
Robin Wright cut her directing teeth on “House of Cards, ” which she describes as “an opportunity to have film school lessons on set each day.” But now, she tells Variety, “I’m flying the nest.”The actress was looking for her first feature to helm since the final year of the landmark Netflix series. She will head into the wilderness for “Land, ” a drama about life off the grid that she said caught her eye and her heart. Production starts this summer in British Columbia, where it will span all four seasons of the year. Wright was won over by the screenplay from Jesse Chatham and Golden Globe nominee Liz Hannah, but was not supposed to be in front of the camera. “Acting in it wasn’t the initial plan, ” she said. “It was due to other people not being available and the clock was ticking. We were losing time. .

I said ‘I’ll do it, I’m already going to be on set!’ I know who this character is. We’ve been developing the script for over a year and a half.” Related “Land” follows Edee Mathis, a cosmopolitan lawyer consumed by grief. She goes off the grid to live in a cabin in the woods, where she must learn to hunt, fish and grow her own food. She meets Joseph, a First Nations local, begins to confront her demons, and surprises herself with her own will to survive. “Land” was developed by Allyn Stewart together with casting director Lora Kennedy and is financed by New York-based production entity Big Beach. It is produced by Stewart, Kennedy, Big Beach co-founder Peter Saraf and Leah Holzer. .

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