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Game of Thrones
Travis M. Andrews Pop culture reporter covering music, movies, TV, comedy and celebrity culture May 17 at 7:00 AM [embedded content] As always, this post contains a multitude of spoilers for “Game of Thrones.” Otherwise, it would be very short. Well, here we are. Eight years and eight seasons after “Game of Thrones” premiered, we’ve finally reached the end. Daenerys broke bad. King’s Landing has burned. Jaime and Cersei are buried somewhere in the rubble. .

Bran is . . . well, who the heck knows where he is or what he’s doing? (And frankly, who cares?) So what could possibly be next? Will Daenerys take the Iron Throne, or will she try to break the wheel? Will Jon Snow have a change of heart after watching his queen/aunt/former lover barbecue a bunch of civilians? Maybe Arya will use her special Faceless Man assassin skills to become her brother to seduce her aunt with the intentions of killing her. (Come to think of it, that sounds like the most Thrones-y ending.) [Fans used to love ‘Game of Thrones.’ Now they just love criticizing it.] Let’s turn to the teaser trailer. Our. Very. .

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