Where Do Your Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Characters Go After The Season 15 Finale? – Refinery29

Grey's Anatomy
Thomas KoracickTom Koracick (Greg Germann) ends “Fog” in Teddy’s nursery putting together a crib for her baby. No one even thought to tell him that Teddy went into labor — let alone the fact she very publicly chose Owen over him. This detail is bound to affect the Altman-Hunt reunion, since Tom is definitely staying in Seattle to help with Catherine’s treatment.There will be some inevitable fallout from this section of the love pentagon, as Vernoff told THR in the previously mentioned finale postmortem. “I am very excited as a writer by the complexity of Teddy and Owen having that baby and having declared their love and then panning to find Tom alone in the nursery that he is building for Teddy and her baby, ” she said. “That's an exciting thing as a storyteller, because it leaves just great material for next season.”It’s possible Tom will spend the next 25 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy trolling the Teddy-Owen ship. Or, Tom could take Teddy’s apartment away — which he bought — forcing her to immediately move in with Owen. .

Now that could be put a strain on this brand new recoupling.. .

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