Fear the Walking Dead 5.02 Recap: “Talking’s Bad, Breathing’s Bad” – High-Def Digest

The Walking Dead
If HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries didn’t already put a mortal terror of nuclear radiation contamination into you, Fear the Walking Dead ups the ante by adding zombies to a reactor meltdown scenario.
Unfortunately, I don’t think the Walking Dead writers did quite as much research into how radiation actually works. The Hot Zone John, Alicia, and Morgan return to the site of the plane crash to search for the missing Althea. Not only is she nowhere to be found, it’s evident that someone rooted through the wreckage and stole all the weapons from the plane. John splits off from the other two and briefly returns to the truck stop. Alicia and Morgan hit another roadblock. In the woods nearby, they find some birds locked in a cage hanging from a tree, pooping onto a pair of zombies below. It appears to be a trap to lure the zombies there. John moves in to kill them and slips on a tarp spread across the ground. .

Although he kills the zombies, a woman in a hazmat suit runs in carrying a gun. She says that she doesn’t want to kill him, but her actions seem threatening. Alicia jumps her from behind and gets the gun. The woman says her name is Grace (Karen David from Once Upon a Time). She claims that a nearby nuclear power plant has melted down and these zombies were contaminated with radiation. Because one of them touched Morgan, he needs to be decontaminated immediately. .

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