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Game of Thrones
Bran contemplates the series finale Emmy chances. HBO Game of Thrones fans had lots of complaints about the writing for the show's final season, particularly the last two episodes. One of the scripts that fed a massive petition calling for a rewrite is now up for consideration for the Emmy television awards.  The 2019 Emmy Awards nominating ballots arrived on Tuesday. HBO had six episodes to choose from, including the widely lauded A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, but it decided to submit the divisive finale episode The Iron Throne in the category for best writing. The ballots will be used to narrow down the submissions to the final nominees. Some fans weren't thrilled at the choice, and posted various derisive GIFs and images in response, which goes to show hard feelings are still lingering. One showed a picture of Ted Danson from The Good Place with the caption, "Even metaphorically, it's lame." Another showed Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) cracking up. so who thought it was a good idea for hbo to submit 8x06 of game of thrones for an emmy nomination in best writing category when this episode is of the most boring season finales to ever exist ....

Most of the fan complaints around the final season centered on the writing for the show rather than the directing.  HBO also offered up Game of Thrones in categories ranging from art direction to costuming.  The show gilded its already gaudy trophy case at the Emmy Awards in 2018 when it won for outstanding drama. Will it add another? Some fans might argue against it. Burning questions we still have about Game of Thrones 42 Photos . .

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