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Grey's Anatomy
ABC (Inset:) Cantor Jeff Klepper and Rabbi Danny Freelander, (main:) cast of ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ “Grey’s Anatomy, ” which recently concluded its 15th season, is a hospital drama on ABC. Cantor Jeff Klepper is a legendary Jewish songwriter, who came up in the 1970s and 80s, remaking Jewish music and liturgy to fit the times. This month, the two intertwined. Major “Grey’s Anatomy” and Jeff Klepper fan, Forward writer Jenny Singer spoke to Klepper. They talked about how his melody for “Shalom Rav, ” which he wrote with Rabbi Danny Freelander in 1973, became a plot point on the recent season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Courtesy of Jeff Klepper Rabbi Freelander (left) and Cantor Klepper lead songs at URJ Kutz Camp, in the late 1970s Jeff Klepper: I’m not going to rant about the Forward to you. Jenny Singer: Oh, rant away! JK: I’ve been reading the Forward, you know, since the 70’s? The 80’s? And ever since it got online, it has gotten so totally into this pop-culture fixation. “Sarah Jessica Parker At The Wall” — Oh my god! JS: So, okay, I did edit that article — she’s a major celebrity! She holds a place ....

There’s only one Jewish character — am I correct about this? He’s a gay Jewish doctor? JS: Yes! JK: And he’s the one who sang the song? JS: Yes. JK: I’ll tell you the history — the secret Jewish history [both laugh] of how the song came to be used. JS: I would love that! JK: One day I get this email from a man named Tom Lopinski. And he says, “Hi Jeff! I work in the ABC Music department. And we’d like to use a verse from “Shalom Rav” in an upcoming episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy!’” JK: He says, “We have a scene in an upcoming episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ where there is a pile-up car wreck. Two people are in one of the front cars and not sure if another car is going to ram into the pile. The girl is very upset and LOSING IT. .

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