Michael Kelly On Surviving The “Really Difficult” ‘House Of Cards’ Scandal, Giving Doug Stamper His Big Finish & Embracing Life On ‘Jack Ryan’ – Deadline

House of Cards
Michael Kelly’s Doug Stamper was the steel-strong thread of integrity through six seasons of House of Cards. While the show’s leads Frank and Claire Underwood stopped at nothing in their Machiavellian scheming, Doug was driven only by his loyalty to Frank. And although Kelly has three times been Emmy-nominated for the role, it is in this sixth and final season that he shines brightest of all. While Kevin Spacey’s departure from the show almost robbed House of Cards of a proper ending, the rewrites that emerged following that debacle ultimately gave Doug his well-earned pivotal bow. In a finale scene so intense it took some 15 hours to shoot, Doug both confessed to murdering Frank and was stabbed to death by Robin Wright’s Claire. He even got to break the fourth wall in that episode—a move previously reserved only for Frank and Claire. Thus, Doug emerged as a lynchpin; an almost Shakespearean figure of fate. .

Related Story 'House Of Cards': Michael Kelly On Offscreen though, Kelly felt the shock of what happened with Spacey. “In all honesty, it was really difficult, ” he says now. “It was very hard to navigate on so many fronts. Personally, obviously. You have this thing in which this is a person I spent six months of my life with every year for the last six years at work. .

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