Talented, morbid artist wraps up his 74-image catalogue of every Game Of Thrones death – The A.V. Club

Game of Thrones
[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones.] Before its last seasons descended into a Wikipedia-style collection of thinly sketched plot points in a rush to its series finale, Game Of Thrones was notable for having one of TV’s best drawn cast of characters. Its heroes and villains had complex personalities that naturally explained their motivations and, ultimately, made their (often brutal) deaths feel like either a long-deserved punishment or a real punch to the viewer’s gut.
Advertisement In an effort to properly memorialize the mountain of corpses stacked up during the show’s run, Robert Ball has been creating a series of illustrations called Beautiful Death. His last, which commemorates the death of Daenerys Targaryen and the Iron Throne’s destruction by what was either a very smart or very stupid dragon, has now arrived, marking the end of his project.
Advertisement Ball told an official Game Of Thrones site that his image was meant to portray the Throne as being “sat on a kingdom of rubble” made up of “a mixture of swords, representing all the bloodshed it took to get here, plus a visual journey of Daenerys’ progression through ....

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