Con of Thrones 2019 Day 1: Ghosts of Game of Thrones Past and Future – Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones
Stranger Things used mall nostalgia to create Starcourt Mall by Ariba Bhuvad Take the Black Live: Con of Thrones and San Diego Comic-Con are coming by Dan Selcke It’s time for Con of Thrones, the country’s premiere Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire fan convention! This is always a blast, and this year is no exception. With the show ending — and with so many of the fans feeling strongly about the way it ended — I was curious what the mood of the convention would be like this time around. I’m happy to report that it’s as high-spirited and supportive as ever. Here’s a rundown of what I saw today, in terms of panels: Metafandom: The Intersection of A Song of Ice and Fire Fans and Its Fandom I’m pretty involved in the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire fandom, but it’s so vast and varied that I know there are large swaths that I’ve never touched. I learned about some of these here; for example, I learned about the Corn Code, a theory that holds that George R.R. Martin is signaling when event are going to happen — like character deaths — through the repetition of certain words in his ....

Where do people come up with theories like this? Is it just what happens when there’s too long a wait between books? And why do these sorts of reaches tend to happen with all major franchises, not just A Song of Ice and Fire? There are more depths to explore here, but this was a terrific look into a subculture that is still evolving even as we speak. Which Game of Thrones Characters Do You Connect With Most? I didn’t know what to expect going into this panel, but I was pleasantly surprised. Host David Vaughan told everyone in the audience about some of the very personal reasons he connects with characters like Jon Snow and Tyrion, and then had us divide into groups and discuss which characters we most connected with, and why. It was a little intimidating to have to get so vulnerable with new people, but also reaffirming to hear everyone’s stories. It made me feel closer to my fellow con-goers, and definitely got the weekend off to a nice start. At Journey’s End: Daenerys Targaryen Of course everyone wanted to see this one. This is one of several panels throughout the con that will look back on the journeys ....

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