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Grey's Anatomy
It's been almost a decade since Katherine Heigl made a rather abrupt exit from Grey's Anatomy (side note: yes, you are old) but the possibility of a return appearance from her series original character Dr. Izzie Stevens continues to be discussed. 9-and-a-half years after Izzie's final appearance in season six, both Heigl and Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes are still fending off questions about a comeback. Could it ever really happen? Does Heigl even want to return? Here's a recap of every time the subject's been broached, and what the big names involved have had to say on the matter. Vivian Sink/ABC Having been on the show since the pilot, Heigl's last episode of Grey's – season six, episode 12, 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked' – aired on January 21, 2010 on ABC, with her character leaving Seattle after failing to repair her marriage to Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). The actress was released from her contract with the show early – having taken maternity leave in late 2009 following her adoption of a baby girl, she negotiated a premature exit deal with the official given reason being a desire to spend more ....

"[But] I don't know if it fits in to their sort of vision for this season, or next, or however many seasons it goes." Apparently, it did not. Asked if a return for Izzie could be on the cards, Shonda Rhimes told TV Guide: "We are on a track we have been planning, and the idea of changing that track is not something we are interested in right now." Speaking to Oprah Winfrey on her show Oprah's Next Chapter, Rhimes opened up about her relationship with Heigl, admitting that she'd been hurt by her earlier remarks about the quality of the Grey's scripts in the fourth season. Getty Images "On some level it stung, and on some level I was not surprised, " she said. "When people show you who they are, believe them. I carry that with me a lot. It has served me well." Ouch. .

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