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Stranger Things
Astrid StawiarzGetty Images Ahead of the July 4, 2019 premiere of Stranger Things, there was a lot of chatter about what could happen in the new season. We got some details about Hopper's storyline, and fans had their own theories about characters like Billy. It was also reported that the show's cast was getting a salary bump ahead of the third season, leading fans to wonder exactly how much their favorite actors were getting to appear in the hit Netflix show. How much money does the Stranger Things cast make? Winona Ryder & David Harbour Amy SussmanGetty Images Part of the so-called "A Tier, " Ryder and Harbour get paid the most because they've been acting the longest. As reports, the two veteran actors get paid around $300, 000-$350, 000 per episode. Millie Bobby Brown CHRIS DELMASGetty Images Brown is in a unique position when it comes to her salary—she's largely considered to be the show's breakout star, and she's considered to be part of the show's A-Tier. Some outlets reported that she gets paid as much as Ryder and Harbour, but she hasn't logged as ....

Her salary is somewhere in the range of $250-350, 000. Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, and Finn Wolfhard CHRIS DELMASGetty Images The crew of teens are considered to be in the show's B-Tier, and their season three pay raise means that they are now getting paid about $250, 000 per episode, according to TV Line. They used to make $30, 000 per episode. Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton Stephane Cardinale - CorbisGetty Images The real-life couple are part of the show's C-Tier, and they each get between $100, 000 and $150, 000 per episode.
Joe Keery Marc PiaseckiGetty Images While reports that Keery is also part of the C-Tier, which would put him at a salary between $100-150, 000, he's notably absent from the TV Line report. Additionally, Keery's character, Steve, plays a very big part in season three, so we wouldn't be surprised if he gets a little more then Dyer and Heaton. Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery Jeff KravitzGetty Images The two actors joined Stranger Things in season 2, and Fox Business reports that they both ....

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