‘Stranger Things’: Executive Producer Shawn Levy on the ‘Gut Punch to the Heart’ in Season 3 – Variety

Stranger Things
Shawn Levy is exec producer of Netflix’s “Stranger Things, ” which just launched its third season. Levy sees each new set of episodes as “basically an eight-hour movie”; here he talks about his duties on the show, and how he and his team at production company 21 Laps help keep the series faithful to the original intent of creators Matt and Ross Duffer while still managing plenty of surprises each season.“Executive producer” has many translations. What’s your role on “Stranger Things”? My role is a bit of an anomaly. Before we knew if anyone would want the show, I vowed to the Duffer Brothers that I would be the “whatever you need” guy. My function on “Stranger Things” has more span than the typical executive producer. It also concerns itself more with the minutiae than the typical EP. .

Sometimes my job is to give them notes on scripts, or on edits or music cues. I am the producer sounding board in that sense. Related It’s a surprisingly small team. If you watch the credits on most shows, there are six to 12 executive producers. On “Stranger Things, ” it’s real simple and real small. It’s the Duffers, line producer Iain Paterson, Dan Cohen and me. .

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