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Stranger Things
Spoilers ahead! The fireworks that were set off for Independence Day were an equally apt way to celebrate the explosive new season of everyone’s spooky series, “Stranger Things.” The upbeat, summer setting of the third season is a welcome change to the usually morose, eerie tone of the show, and creates a perfect contrast to the malevolent workings of the new “big bad” for the season. “Stranger Things 3” delivers on all levels, from the top-notch cinematography to the intricately woven plot that plays out like one long movie. An eight-hour movie that you can’t stop watching Flash forward to the summer of 1985, “Stranger Things 3” sees our beloved characters a few months after the threat of the Mind Flayer had been put to rest and the gate to the Upside Down closed by Eleven’s psychokinetic/telepathic powers. The gang, along with the supporting cast, has grown up in some ways amidst the colorful backdrop of Hawkins, Indiana, complete with the iconic fashion and music of the time. They are still tight-knit, but have also been divided in some ways, which sets up some of the season’s conflicts.  Much to the ....

Will (Noah Schnapp) feels left out of the coupley vibes of the group, still recovering from the trauma of the past year and longs to play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, just like they used to. Steve (Joe Keery) is working at Scoops Ahoy at the Starcourt Mall, new marvel of the town, with edgy “outsider” Robin (Maya Hawke), while Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is dealing with her sexist bosses at her job at the Hawkins newspaper with Will’s brother and her boyfriend, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). The season presents a fresh take on the Upside Down terrorizing Hawkins, with the Mind Flayer possessing Hawkins citizens in order to take out Eleven so that she doesn’t close the gate to the other world. The stakes are higher with Max’s possessed brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), leading the Mind Flayer’s plot and a secret Russian laboratory at the heart of the monster’s return.  We see the “Scoop Troop” infiltrating the lab, Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper teaming up with an old friend to uncover how to actually neutralize the Russians’ technology, Nancy and Jonathan discovering the nature of the Mind Flayer’s control and the rest of the teens following ....

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