6 Strongest ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Relationships Going Into Season 16 (PHOTOS) – TVInsider

Grey's Anatomy
ABC ABC Meredith Grey & Andrew DeLuca After finally admitting their feelings for one another during Season 15, Meredith and DeLuca are arguably the strongest couple going into Season 16. While they’ll have to overcome the fact that DeLuca’s in prison and Meredith’s been fired, there’s a good chance these two will keep their love alive moving forward. ABC Richard Webber & Catherine Fox Richard and Catherine have been through it, that’s for sure. From Catherine’s cancer struggle to Richard’s arrest, these two have been through hell and back together. Not to mention, they’re trying to continue their careers while also being there for their children. They don’t have the easiest of relationships — and don’t seem to see each other very often — but we’re not worried about their status going into Season 16. ABC Alex Karev & Jo Wilson Things were really rocky between Alex and Jo throughout most of Season 15, which is why it was such a relief to see them work through their issues at the very end. Now that Jo is focusing on her mental ....

Levi and Nico went through a couple rough patches, but that’s why we’re so confident they’ll stay together (though we reserve the right to change our minds when they inevitably break up because we’re never allowed to enjoy anything good when it comes to Grey’s relationships). ABC Alex Karev & Meredith Grey Just because we said “relationships” doesn’t mean we’re only focusing on romantic relationships! Alex and Meredith definitely have the strongest friendship moving into Season 16. These two have been through everything together — death, divorce, children, you name it! — and have made it out the other side. They’re in it for the long haul, people. ABC Amelia Shepherd & Tom Koracick Amelia and Tom don’t necessarily have the most obvious friendship, but they’re always there for one another and give each other good advice. Whether it was helping Amelia figure out her feelings for Link or navigating Tom’s relationship with Teddy, these two shared personal details with each other. And, going into Season 16, they’re going to need each other as their personal lives are breaking down. Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy was ....

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