After Game of Thrones and Veep, Which Shows Will Dominate the Emmys? – Vanity Fair

Game of Thrones
What that fresh-faced series might be is a bit of a mystery right now. HBO has some big stuff on the horizon—maybe most notably an adaptation of His Dark Materials, a more serious Harry Potter-esque book series partly about killing God. In the past, a show like that would have seemed too genre for the Emmys, but Game of Thrones (and Lost before it) went and changed all that. Does that mean something as out there (far, far out there) as Disney+'s upcoming The Mandalorian, set in the Star Wars universe and starring Thrones favorite Pedro Pascal, could be Emmy-worthy? It might! Then again, there could be some wariness toward a new player on the board, even if it's powerful and wide-reaching Disney. You might have heard of Apple too. That mega-company is getting into the content game soon with some splashy series, the buzziest being The Morning Show, believed to be premiering in the fall. .

That backstage news drama stars '90s queen of TV Jennifer Aniston and current empress of the form Reese Witherspoon. Steve Carell is there too, while showrunner Kerry Ehrin and directors such as Mimi Leder provide clout behind the camera. That's a rich pedigree, one that sets The Morning Show up with a lot of expectations. Whether it can meet those, let alone surpass them, could color the future of Apple's adventures in TV making. It's hard to imagine that if the show is even halfway decent, the academy won't be eager to at least welcome Aniston back to television with a glittery prize. In Aniston's old genre, comedy, the most obvious successor to Veep's crown might be yet another HBO show: Barry, which won star (and cocreator) Bill Hader an Emmy last year and doubled up on its critical acclaim in season two, nabbing 17 nominations total. .

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