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Game of Thrones
In an interview with the Guardian this week, A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin admitted what his fans have long suspected: It’s going to be awhile before the wildly popular fantasy book series is complete. Now that HBO’s Game of Thrones is over, fans of both the show and the books that inspired it are eagerly waiting to see how the writer wraps up his version of the story—and if it will differ from the TV show’s divisive ending. Martin reportedly told the show’s producers how he intends to finish his books, but the plot of the prestige drama had already passed that of Martin’s novels. He is currently in the middle of writing the series’ sixth book, The Winds of Winter, and has not yet started on its final installment, A Dream of Spring. Martin is 70, and it’s fair to wonder if at his current pace he will actually ever finish the series that made him famous. At the earliest, it will be several years before the books are done, giving fans of Martin’s work ample time to read other stuff that might fill the Game of Thrones-sized holes in their libraries. The Quartz newsroom ....

Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy has inspired every fantasy story that’s come since—including and especially A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin has repeatedly called Tolkien one of his favorite writers and The Lord of the Rings one of the biggest inspirations of his own mythologies. He even credited his knack for killing off popular characters to the Tolkien character Gandalf, the friendly wizard who (spoiler alert) shockingly “dies” in the first book of the trilogy. (He comes back, even more powerful, in the next installment.) Tolkien’s writing is at times almost impossibly beautiful, and his vision unparalleled. An academic and a philologist in addition to being a writer, Tolkien created multiple languages from scratch and populated his fictional universe with thousands of years worth of stories, settings, and characters. .

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