First look at Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln in new movie Penguin Bloom –

The Walking Dead
Andrew Lincoln has been spotted filming for his first major role since exiting The Walking Dead. The Rick Grimes star departed the popular AMC series last year, having played the character for more than eight years. Now, he's in Australia filming opposite Naomi Watts in Penguin Bloom, which is based on Bradley Trevor Greive and Cameron Bloom's novel of the same name. KHAPGG Splash News Penguin Bloom follows a young family struggling to come to terms with an accident that leaves the mother, Sam Bloom (played by Watts), paralysed. The family soon find comfort in nursing an injured magpie chick back to health. Lincoln is playing Watts' on-screen husband Cameron in the movie, which is directed by Glendyn Ivin. KHAPGGSplash News Related: Walking Dead boss Scott Gimple gives update on Rick Grimes spin-off movie Of course, Lincoln will be back for his very own Walking Dead spin-off movies that will continue Rick's story after he was taken away on the helicopter in season 9 episode 5. Not much is known about the movies, but AMC did release a teaser trailer at this year's Comic-Con which shows the helicopter swooping over ....

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