Get Your Real-World Upside-Down Fix With Atlanta’s Stranger Things Tour – The Manual

Stranger Things
If, like us, you waited almost two years for the return of Stranger Things, only to binge-watch the latest season on a Saturday afternoon, you’re in luck. A comprehensive new tour promises to give fans their real-world Hawkins fix by visiting many of the show’s most iconic filming locations.Sadly, the popular Netflix show did not take place in fictional Hawkins, Indiana. Like all good shows these days ‚ The Walking Dead, Ozark, Divorce Court — Stranger Things was filmed mainly in Georgia. Visitors to Atlanta can join the Stranger Things Tour with specialists Civitatis. At four hours long, the immersive guided tour is clearly for hardcore fans. It includes stops at nearly every pivotal location throughout the show’s entire three-season run. Netflix The first stop is Emory University’s Briarcliff campus, which provided all of the exterior shots for Hawkins Laboratory. .

The tour continues at Melvald’s General Store — the quiet shop where Joyce Byers works, magnets don’t work, and no one ever seems to shop. Nearby is the real-life Starcourt Mall (Atlanta’s Gwinnett Place Mall) — the (sort or spoiler alert) most critical location in season three and arguably the entire series. Other stops include Radio Shack, Hawk Cinema, the town library, and Hawkins Middle School. Tour-goers will also visit several locations around “Hawkins” where Eleven hid out while on the run in season two. The final stop is Atlanta’s Screen Gems Studios, where many of the show’s interior shots were filmed. Previous Next Hawkins Laboratory Civitatis Melvald’s General Store Civitatis Radio Shack Civitatis The ability to binge-watch is the greatest gift Netflix ever bestowed upon us. .

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