Grey’s Anatomy boss addresses continuity issue with Station 19 –

Grey's Anatomy
Everyone is all about shared universes and cross-continuity nowadays, which is something that is difficult enough when you building something from scratch. When you've taken a show that had already been running for over a decade, then introducing a spin-off and trying to tie them together, and the original show and the spin-off are going to be airing at different times of the year... it sounds like a headache. Related: Grey's Anatomy and spin-off Station 19 will have crossover romance Byron CohenABC
Talking about how they are going to deal with the issue of time in the world of Grey's Anatomy and Station 19, showrunner of both shows Krista Vernoff told TVLine it was like "a massive Rubik's cube" and a "game of speed chess" that "required two months of planning from two writers' rooms". We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. "We are using Grey’s to mark time on both shows, " she added. "When Station 19 premieres [at midseason], we’ll do a little bit of flashing back to cover the time lapse." Related: Grey's star points finger at another actress as reason she was ....

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