Prediction: Netflix will confirm ‘Stranger Things 4’ by the end of August – BGR

Stranger Things
In the weeks since Stranger Things 3 premiered on Netflix back on July 4, the internet has been awash in theories and predictions about both what happened — Hopper! (sob) — and what will happen next. They range from the possibility that Eleven will be the bad guy in the upcoming season, as we’ve seen many people speculate, and whether the series will move outside the town of Hawkins for the first time. Meanwhile, here’s another prediction to have some fun with — a guess for when Netflix will get around to actually, you know, confirming the existence of the next season everyone is already speculating about. This is the prediction: If Netflix sticks to its past patterns, we’re all but guaranteed to hear the series has been renewed for a fourth season between now and the end of this month.  We can’t take credit for the guesswork behind this, but the evidence certainly seems sound. The folks over at Fansided point out that Netflix has a pattern of re-upping some of their most successful shows within two months of the most recent season’s premiere. Take Lucifer, for example, which premiered its fourth season on Netflix in early May and ....

We’re certainly not ready to say goodbye to this fantastic series anytime soon, so here’s hoping our prediction is right about it getting renewed again — and that there are still plenty more Stranger Things adventures to come. Image Source: Netflix. .

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