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Stranger Things
Many people (including myself, tbh) thought that Stranger Things 3 was the best season of Stranger Things yet. It was fabulous, and part of why it ruled was of course, our lord and saviour Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). While she didn’t single-handedly save the day — there are a LOT of heroes in this show — she played an integral part in defeating the Mind Flayer yet again. RELATED CONTENT At the conclusion of the season, we saw El taken under the wing of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), who together with Will (Noah Schnapp) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) all moved away to a neighbouring town. Sniff. I got all worried that somehow those characters wouldn’t be as involved in Stranger Things Season 4, but according to this Reddit theory, Eleven is going to be very much involved. So much so that she will be the villain. .

I can’t bear it. Cop a look at what Reddit user weedmonkey666 had to say about Stranger Things Season 4 (which hasn’t actually been confirmed by Netflix but we all know is gonna happen). The first part of theory is that during the finale scene with the voiceover of Hopper (David Harbour) reading his letter, there’s a suss glimpse of what might be the Mind Flayer. Weedmonkley666 says: “many fans have pointed out that during the ending scene while hopper is reading his letter there is a quick flash of a shadow, many fans speculate this shadow to be the mind flayer’s/shadow monster”. Here’s the scene, and the shot in question: could be a tree, could be an evil entity The next part of the theory is about the Mind Flayer “infecting” characters in different seasons, with weedmonkey666 pointing out: In the first and second season, Will gets infected by the mind flayer via the tube thing down in throat while in the upside down. In season 3, Billy’s car breaks down at Steel Works and gets a bite, this bite seems to be the cause of him being infected and the mind flayer being able to control ....

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