The House of Cards Collapses…Finally –

House of Cards
Some shows start off great but end up sticking around too long. Whether they jump the shark, or just otherwise overstay their welcome, this is the theme of 25YL’s Cancelled Too Late series. This week Laura Stewart looks at the dreadful final season of House of Cards. Well, here we are [addresses the audience], the final chapter of House of Cards. Did you really think we would get a satisfying ending after all the betrayal and backstabbing and ruthless, power-hungry political plotting? Well, yes, actually I did. It was always going to be an interesting experience watching House of Cards without its main character, Francis Underwood. He had to be written out of the show speedily after Kevin Spacey was fired due to allegations of sexual assault. (Honestly, I’m not entirely sure where Kevin Spacey ends and Frank Underwood begins.) Yet I had high hopes for the finale. .

We knew that his wife Claire Hale would take her position as the first female president, and that promised so much. Instead, they delivered an absolutely abysmal final season. Frank Underwood is not seen or heard this season. There’s a good reason for that; he’s dead. But it takes until the final hour for the audience to learn how he died. It’s a mystery with no meat, and the answer is given to us during a scene that tries to be Shakespearean but is instead too absurd to take seriously. But before I get into that more thoroughly, I want to say that Robin Wright did a marvelous job on the final season of House of Cards. .

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