The Physics of Falling Magnets in Stranger Things Season 3 – WIRED

Stranger Things
I think we need to have a talk about magnets in Stranger Things. Oh, you haven't finished Season 3 yet? Don't worry, this isn't a huge plot element, but it's still technically a spoiler. Just wanted to warn you. Let's review the magnet parts of the plot. First, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) notices that her fridge magnets stop working and fall to the floor. This seems odd, so she decides to do some light reading of some advanced physics textbooks that she'd checked out of the library. Second, she stops by the house of the local science teacher, Scott Clarke (Randy Havens). .

They have the following interaction. Yes, I transcribed it—just for you. Joyce: What is this again? Scott: This is a solenoid. It's a coil wrapped around a metallic core and when electricity passes through it... Joyce: It creates an electromagnetic field. Scott: Exactamundo. Now for the fun part. Shall we? Joyce: Yeah. .

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