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The Walking Dead
A recent addition to Fear The Walking Dead has a very similar origin story to a main character in The Walking Dead. The second half of Fear The Walking Dead's fifth season sees the survivors on a mission to help others, from dying literary fans trapped in shopping malls to reclusive asthmatics. Naturally, Morgan and co.'s efforts have attracted some unwanted attention and the protagonists become embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse with an ex-trucker looking for a fabled plentiful oil supply. This setup means that most of Fear The Walking Dead's recent episodes have taken place on the road. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Start now In "Ner Tamid, " Charlie separates from the group in order to find a permanent home, and she comes across a synagogue with only a single survivor living inside, Rabbi Jacob Kessner. Offering a helping hand to Charlie, the Rabbi seems an honest and virtuous man on the outside, but when undead keep attacking the building from out of nowhere, his secret spills out into the open. Jacob reveals that he suffered a crisis of faith after the zombie ....

When the Rabbi eventually returned to his people, he found they were all dead and, unwilling to finish off any of his former friends, he somehow herded them into a nearby building for safekeeping. Forced to deal with the guilt surrounding the demise of his followers, Jacob ultimately joins the main group. Related: Fear The Walking Dead Reveals Season 5's Real Villain This backstory is incredibly similar to that of Gabriel Stokes in The Walking Dead. In both the original Robert Kirkman comics and the AMC TV adaptation, Gabriel is found by Rick's group as the lone survivor in his old church. Although nice enough to begin with, Gabriel eventually reveals that when his congregation came seeking shelter under his roof, he refused to open the doors in an act of cowardice. Gabriel struggles with the guilt surrounding the deaths of his former friends - deaths he indirectly caused - and also experiences a crisis of faith as mankind continues to be overrun by walking corpses. .

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