‘Game of Thrones’ character Arya proven wrong about sailing West of Westeros by Targaryen ally – Fox News

Game of Thrones
The final season of "Game of Thrones" saw the Stark family go their separate ways for the last time. But probably the most emotional goodbye of them all was between Jon Snow and Arya Stark, Westeros' most fierce warrior,  told the former King of the North that she would never see him again. Why? Because she planned to sail West of Westeros, across the body of water known as the Sunset Sea. 'GAME OF THRONES' WON'T HAVE A FINAL SEASON RE-DO DESPITE FAN BACKLASH Arya, played by Maisie Williams, asks her cousin, played by Kit Harrington, in the final of the HBO adaptation: "What is West of Westeros? No one knows. It's where the maps stop. That's where I'm going." However, author George R.R. Martin left a big hint in the books the series was based on that suggests Arya might be wrong — and another ferocious female may have paved the way. Around 250 years before in 54 A.C. .

(After the Targaryen Conquest), a noblewoman named Elissa Farman sailed west and discovered three islands, which she named after the three Targaryens who conquered Westeros. Elissa was the daughter of Marq Farman of the Fair Isle, with two brothers: Franklyn and Androw. 'GAME OF THRONES' CLEANS UP AT EMMY NOMINATIONS 'GAME OF THRONES' PREQUEL SERIES TO FEATURE FAN-FAVORITE FAMILY Much like Arya before her, she refused to be ladylike — in fact, she scared off two suitors for marriage when she was 12 and 16 — and is said to have spent more time on the water than the land. She was also very close with her brother Androw's wife, Rhaena Targaryan, with many suggesting the pair had their own romantic relationship. However, when her eldest brother ordered Rhaena leave their Fair Isle home and then told Elissa she needed to stay and marry, the lady planned her escape. 'GAME OF THRONES' STAR LENA HEADEY REVEALS DELETED SCENE COULD HAVE DRAMATICALLY CHANGED FINALE RECEPTION Cut off from the funds of Fair Isle, she asked Rhaena for money to build ships. At first, the Targaryan denied, causing a rift in their relationship, before reluctantly agreeing. As Alissa left, she stole three ....

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