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It’s a shame Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t have smart mouths as part of its ensemble anymore; those who used to have a sharp tongue have now developed to more mature characterizations, which makes us miss Mark Sloan.RELATED: Grey's Anatomy: Shortest Running Cast Members The guy was a ladies man whose seductive outer layer hid the introspective person that dwelled within. Mark had jokes in great numbers, but you’ll be surprised that the smooth talker had quite a lot of life lessons hidden inside of him. These 10 quotes represent the best of Mark Sloan, and you’ll find he was a lot more than just being funny and trying to swoop in on the ladies. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 10 "We're Hot Doctors With Babies, People Are Going To Stare." Mark knew he was attractive and owned up to it. His attractive quality was increased even more when he had baby Sofia, as it gave him the responsible dad quality that ladies love. After Derek also adopted a child of his own, both of them became the talk ....

As Mark knew, life could be cut short at any time. 8 "But somehow we forget that all that matters is people. And whether we walk away leaving them better or worse for having met us." Whatever we do in life is for people. We’ve seen in more gritty shows how even the protagonists can become antagonists, and even in a drama like Grey’s Anatomy, there are consequences for actions. A quote like this coming from Mark is a surprise, considering he used to be so full of himself that he didn’t care how he was hurting women by basically using them for his pleasure. However, it appears that Mark did learn that what he did to these women was wrong, and in the end, it is about how people remember you, whether you like it or not. RELATED: Grey's Anatomy: 10 Of Izzie Stevens' Best Quotes 7 "I saw the heartbeat today. This is my kid, this is part of me." Even if you’ve never been a parent before, the moment you do get to that point you’ll just know that the child is yours. .

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