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Stranger Things
Amidst the supernatural thrills and chills in the town of Hawkins, it's amazing that anyone in Stranger Things can find time for a relationship. Whether the townspeople are turning into mindless drones of the Mind Flayer, being chased by demonic Demogorgons, or dealing with an impending apocalypse originating in the bizarre world of the Upside Down, there are reasons to believe that adversity may just be the key to bringing them closer together.The hit series has become a streaming giant, and the interpersonal interactions between its engrossing main characters are part of the reason why. The bonds between the cast onscreen make the threats they face together more tangible, and the romantic relationships that blossom deliver some of its most memorable moments. Some pairings have been embraced by fans over the show's three seasons, and some haven't. Below you'll find 5 relationships fans got behind, and 5 they rejected. RELATED: Stranger Things: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Jonathan Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view Start Now 10 WERE BEHIND: NANCY AND JONATHAN While it seemed unlikely that these two would cross paths ....

Out of all the gang she chose Lucas to be her boo, the most sensible and forthcoming of the crew. For a while it seemed like they made a cute couple because they complemented one another's personalities. But between Season 2 and Season 3, they constantly broke up and got back together in a circuitous cycle of teenage drama. Max's answer to whenever Lucas disagreed with her was to dump him,   and his method to win her back was always to buy her something. 8 WERE BEHIND: DUSTIN AND SUZIE When Dustin declared that he'd found someone as hot as Phoebe Cates when he left for camp, fans of the show couldn't help but match Dustin's goofy grin. Of all the gang, he deserved luck in the romantic department, because he had the biggest heart and the most love to give. Fans were rewarded or their emotional investment when his girlfriend was finally revealed, a fellow math geek named Suzie who helped him decipher vital information in defeating the Mind Flayer. Their scene involving The Neverending Story theme song is what love is all about. RELATED: Stranger Things 3: 10 Moments That Had Us Cheering At The TV, Ranked ....

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