Analysis: Jeremy Bloom, ex-CU Buffs KR and Olympian, says NCAA’s power will fall “like a house of cards” – The Denver Post

House of Cards
When it comes to what Colorado’s “Fair Pay to Play” bill — or whatever they end up calling the thing once it hits the committee stage in January — is about, let’s start, quickly, with what it isn’t. And, mainly, it isn’t asking for CU, CSU, Air Force, Metro State or whomever to funnel more athletic department dollars, or your tax dollars, to student-athletes. In simplest terms, think of it like the Olympic model: If a company wants to endorse or sponsor a specific football or softball or track star, they can. If a wrestler or a softball player wants to run a private instructional camp in the offseason and keep the profits, they can do that, too. “I’m amazed at how many otherwise thoughtful and well-spoken people can’t understand that aspect of it, ” Jeremy Bloom said. “They seem to be unwilling to recognize (the right) for them to have the freedom to do what everyone else in American can do. Go out and start a blog. Speak at a local charity event and let them pay you in honoraria. High-schoolers can do this, but the NCAA has decided that its athletes can’t do anything like that.” Bloom, the ....

When the costs of the Winter Games necessitated sponsorship money, the suits in Indianapolis declared him ineligible to continue playing for the Buffs football team. NCAA rules allowed players to be paid professionally in one sport while competing as an amateur in another, but forbade accepting endorsements. Ergo, what was supposed to be a Tim-Dwight-esque stint at CU was cut short after just two seasons, two punt return scores, one kick return score and 39 touches from scrimmage, combined, in 2002 and 2003. “I think it’s a house of cards, ” Bloom, now 37, tells The Post. “There’s nothing about college athletics today that’s amateur. You’ve got coaches making $4-5 million a year. You’ve got contracts like the one between CBS and March Madness for $4-5 billion. .

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