Duffer Brothers talk Hopper’s Stranger Things season 4 fate: “We’re still figuring it out” – GamesRadar

Stranger Things
Hopper’s fate at the end of Stranger Things season 4 was very much left up in the air, with the season 3 post-credits scene teasing the officer's return as "The American." David Harbour, who plays Hopper in the Netflix series, recently rang creators The Duffer Brothers, to find out what’s next for his character – if anything at all. The answer was decidedly ambiguous. Hilariously, Harbour called the series' creators during a segment of Late Night With Seth Meyers, with Harbour dialing the pair behind one of the best shows on Netflix live on air. [embedded content] “Am I dead?” Harbour asked bluntly. The response? “We’re still figuring it out.” If you’re catching up on all things Hawkins, Hopper supposedly sacrificed himself in Stranger Things season 3, but even Harbour himself was sure that “clearly [he's] The American." He later stops himself from revealing too much by admitting, “I haven’t gotten many phone calls [from the Duffer Brothers].” Those wary of an unanswered cliffhanger can rest easy in the knowledge that Stranger Things season 4 was announced back in September, complete with a cryptic clock-themed teaser. One big reveal did come from the interview, however: David Harbour isn’t the biggest ....

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