Game of Thrones: Daenerys was WRONG about Drogon – Five terrifying words sealed his fate – Express

Game of Thrones
It all started to go wrong for Daenerys right at the very moment she appeared to be on the divine path to glory. Emerging from the flames unscathed, Khal Drogo's widow revealed her three dragons to the world. She, and the rest of us, thought her path was clear. We were all wrong and Drogon was at the very heart of it, all along. After eight seasons of plots and betrayals to get the main players in position, it turned out all anyone really needed was one enormous fire-breathing dragon. So long Viserion and Rhaegal, we hardly knew you. Sure, Daenerys' Unsullied and the – annihilated at Winterfell but suddenly magically back again – Dothraki all made a grand sight sacking King's Landing, but the Dragon Queen could have achieved pretty much the same thing with her own personal weapon of mass destruction. Drogon is the most important piece on the board and always has been, especially once it was made painfully clear the Scorpions are a plot-dependant selectively lethal weapon. Seriously. it only took a couple of bolts to blast Rhaegal out of the sky, but hundreds can not even touch dodgy Drogon. And now that Dany is ....

Perhaps, it always did. No, it's not Jon Snow. Eight seasons building to the revelation he was a secret Targaryen and perfectly suited to ride a dragon, not to mention inexplicably beloved by hordes of warriors above and below the Wall, turned out to be rather pointless. So long Aegon we hardly knew you. Alter-ego Jon, meanwhile, was somewhat unconvincingly packed off back Oop North. In all the confusion, Drogon dramatically did a runner (or a flyer) clutching his dead 'mother' in his claws. But there is one who he may never be able to escape. The terrifying clue lies in five unassuming words; "Perhaps I can find him." These five words might more usefully have been preceeded by, "Perhaps you should watch out for that blindingly obvious Iron Fleet." Or, "Perhaps you should fly straight to the Red Keep and just blast that to rubble instead." But Bran certainly never had Daenerys' best interests at heart.  His "Why do you think I came all this way?" when offered the throne was perhaps a tad smug but made it clear he doesn't say or do anything without huge consequences and a whopping chunk of insider knowledge.  What he ....

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