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Stranger Things
Netflix has renewed Stranger Things for Season 4, although that’s not exactly a surprise. What would be surprising is if Netflix swung its cancellation axe and left us all hanging as to what happened to Hopper.  But that was never going to happen, so season 4 it is. What is a little surprising is just how much trouble the Duffer brothers endured to even bring Stranger Things to the screen in the first place.  The cast of Stranger Things | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM ‘Stranger Things’  had a long road to Netflix If a project is not a remake, reboot or a sequel, it’s a tough sell in Hollywood. Yes, original works do get made, but unlike all the movies with cinematic universes, originals get many nos before finally getting a yes. So it goes with Stranger Things, which was turned down by no fewer than 15 networks before Netflix gave it the green light.  “You go into these rooms and they’re so disinterested in anything you have to say before you even open your mouth. That’s when you start to feel that it’s impossible. .

There were moments when we thought, ‘We’re never going to break through, because no one will take us seriously, '” Matt told The Wrap, as quoted by CNBC.  [embedded content] The Duffers finally did break through, not with Stranger Things, but with a movie called Hidden. Although it was shot in 2011 and not released until 2015, it at least opened some doors for the Steven Spielberg/John Carpenter fans, who worked on M Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines. After that, they started making pitches for Stranger Things – a lot of pitches.  The Duffers lives turn upside down Networks kept showing the Duffers the door, saying a sci-fi TV series with kids in the lead would never sell, just as an infamous record company man told Beatles manager Brian Epstein that guitar groups were on their way out. Then the Duffers met Shawn Levy, a director largely of commercial kid-friendly hits like the Night at the Museum Movies and Real Steel.  “They had a self-assurance that was self-evident. So, we pitched it to Netflix, and within 24 hours, we had the whole season bought, ” Levy said.  And so the world got to know Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and especially Eleven, ....

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