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The Best 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costume Ideas, From Scoops Ahoy To Demodogs | HuffPost LifePart of HuffPost Style & Beauty. ©2019 Verizon Media. All rights reserved.HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.HuffPostThere are a lot of "Stranger Things" costumes out there this Halloween. Steve’s Scoops Ahoy uniform, Billy’s Hawkins lifeguard tank and Eleven’s geometric outfit are just a few of the “Stranger Things” Halloween costumes you can expect to see this year.The characters’ memorable looks (Eleven and her Eggos, Dustin and his hat, Joyce and her string lights) have made the nostalgia-inspired spooky series solid Halloween costume inspo for the last few years. So we weren’t too surprised when the trend-spotting experts at Pinterest said that some of the top-searched Halloween costumes for 2019 were related to the show. (You can browse our full guide to Halloween costume trends for 2019 here.)Whether you’re going out with several friends who want a group “Stranger Things” costume idea or you’d prefer to make your debut as Steve Harrington in his Scoops Ahoy uniform, there are plenty of “Stranger Things” Halloween costume ideas out there for you. For the couple with a good sense of humor, we also ....

Wheeler. Even your pup can get in on the action in a Demodog Halloween costume for dogs. Below, we’ve rounded up “Stranger Things” Halloween costumes for all of your favorite characters, including a few ways you can DIY “Stranger Things” costumes on your own. Take a look: Stranger Things Adult Steve Scoops Ahoy CostumeSpirit HalloweenStranger Things Adult Eleven '80s Geometric Romper OutfitSpirit HalloweenStranger Things Hawkins Pool Billy Lifeguard Tank ShirtEtsyFind it for $25 on Etsy.Stranger Things Adult Eleven CostumeSpirit HalloweenEmbroidered Jim Hopper Stranger Things BadgeEtsyFind it for $3 on Etsy.Stranger Things Season 3 Nancy Wheeler Dress Costume AmazonStranger Things Camp Know Where T-ShirtSpirit HalloweenRobin Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy T-ShirtEtsyFind it for $20 on Etsy.Stranger Things 3 Eleven Yellow And Black Geometric Battle CostumeAmazonHawkins Middle School A.V. Club T-ShirtAmazonStranger Things Mrs. .

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