The Hunt For The Next ‘Supernatural’ Will Yield The Discovery Of The Next ‘Game Of Thrones’ – Forbes

Game of Thrones
Supernatural The CW Today is a big day in television history for today marks the final season premiere of the only currently airing series older than the network it airs on,  Supernatural. Beginning in September 2005,  Supernatural has enthralled fans the world over and endured through corporate mergers, network rebrands and diminishing ratings to earn a place in the pantheon of legendary television. But, with the beginning of its end comes the beginning of a new journey. The journey to find its replacement. And it is here where one truth could just very well be uncovered over the next year of television development: the hunt for the next Supernatural will uncover the next Game of Thrones. While that statement is not meant to be taken literally, as the hunt for a new Supernatural will not actually yield the reveal of a new, hit, high-budget fantasy series, this is more about the spirit of the sentiment. Searching for Supernatural’s replacement - that is to say, a new procedural genre show that can endure through the love of its main characters - has a great potential to end up stumbling onto the next zeitgeist conversation show. The only way to fill Supernatural’s shoes is to find a show based ....

But, should a distributor manage to stumble on a show that meets the criteria, they could very well be stumbling into the next show people can’t stop talking about - which is the marker for success in a post-Thrones era. At this moment, every network is chasing the next Game of Thrones the wrong way. They want the next big, ensemble, high-budget fantasy epic. The slate to fill these shoes is massive, which is why every single series in that said slate (regardless of creator or brand pedigree) is going to be facing an uphill battle. Meanwhile, it’s entirely possible for the next Supernatural so sneak in from the flank and grab the top spot while no one’s looking. Any development executive worth their salt should be looking to Supernatural as the model of what will succeed in television for the next decade. A small group of characters on an adventure putting them up against impossible odds. .

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