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The Walking Dead
Since launching back in 2010, The Walking Dead has seen its fair share of controversy on its way to becoming one of the biggest shows in the world. Fake-outs, cliffhangers and particularly brutal character deaths have all caused a stir online, but few controversies have been as long-lasting as the treatment of the show's LGBTQ+ characters. The 'Bury Your Gays' trope refers to the onscreen deaths of LGBTQ+ characters who are viewed as more expendable than their straight counterparts. It's a cliché that has plagued film and TV for decades, with shows like The 100 being slammed by audiences for killing LGBTQ+ characters in service of other, more developed, characters. Its impact was noted by GLAAD in their report on LGBTQ+ diversity in TV back in 2018 saying, "broadcast television (and television as a whole) has yet to recover from the past two seasons, which included the deaths of an overwhelming number of lesbian and bisexual women characters." It's not until recently, when the use of the term 'Bury Your Gays' has received more attention, that LGBTQ+ characters have been treated with more care by writers. Jace Downs/AMC Related: The Walking Dead hints at inner ....

It wasn’t until the hours before her death that audiences were given a glimpse of her morality, which had begun to rub off on Daryl and Rosita, only for her to be killed off for the sake of a cheap shock that only served to motivate Daryl's character. Flash-forward to season eight and we find another of our LGBTQ+ characters dying for the sake of motivating another character's development. Eric is shot in the abdomen and left to bleed out during an attack on a Savior outpost. Season eight's controversial war with the Saviors saw a great deal of overblown tragedy for all the group but the loss of Eric felt particularly needless. He died to motivate Aaron, whose character already possessed sufficient dedication to the cause having watched as Glenn and Abraham were brutally murdered in the season-seven premiere. Once again, the show was killing off an underdeveloped LGBTQ+ character in order to serve the story. Even though season nine won back a lot of viewers and critics, it also saw two more LGBTQ+ characters meet untimely deaths. Both Tara and Jesus faced particularly violent ends for the sake of making the shows new villains, The Whisperers, seem all ....

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