Amid Prince Andrew’s ouster, will Royal family fund lavish lifestyles of his daughters Eugenie and Beatrice? – MEAWW

House of Cards
A royal insider confirmed that the two princesses will continue with a limited number of royal duties as they have done so before. A Buckingham Palace spokesman revealed, "The Princesses do undertake a small number of royal engagements each year, as and when asked, and that will continue". It is likely that they will be seen on the Palace balcony after Trooping the Color, some garden parties, as well as the occasional evening reception but that is pretty much it.  For a long time, Prince Andrew has rallied to get his daughters to have a bigger role in the royal family but that seems to be no longer possible. He will no longer be able to promote his girls in the way that he used to. According to Daily Mail, a source shared, "The promotion which Andrew had hoped for in terms of his daughters taking on more duties will now never happen. They will have to focus on the day job".  A palace source also shared that "there was a sense of everyone circling the wagons around the girls. .

There is a feeling that they must not be made to pay for the sins of the father. The Queen will continue to invite Beatrice and Eugenie to Balmoral over the summer and she sees quite a lot of them at Windsor. They, in turn, are fond of 'Super Gran', as they call her. The feeling is that everyone wants to protect them from this hurt and from further hurt, rather than dance on their father's grave".  If you have a news scoop or an interesting story for us, please reach out at (323) 421-7514. .

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